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Multipage Version Zine, Issue 1

I contributed two pages to Multipage Version, Mat Marquis’ new zine.

The zine is about HTML elements, and is intended to be printed out as physical media. It was a ton of fun to make, and so refreshing to get back to print media design for a bit.

Here are the two pages I contributed, as a sneak preview:

Two paper pages, printed in black and white. One is placed slightly over the other. The first page is a comic, made from collaged, photocopied black and white British horror comics. The first panel is a tank getting struck by shell fire and exploding, bodies flying from the blast. A narrative overlay reads, 'The WebAIM millions report' and one of the soldiers is screaming, 'Fuck!'. Underneath the panel is the URL for the WebAIM Millions report. The next panel shows a man grasping his head in exasperation, exclaiming, 'Christ almighty, we're getting mad at the wrong thing here.' The narrative overlay for this panel reads, 'An accessibility nerd'. The next panel uses textures to take the shape of a web browser. It is displaying a page with a title that reads, 'Browsers are a failure of imagination.' Following that is a tree with nodes that describe how heading elements could be improved. Suggestions here are implicit IDs if none are provided, UI to show the heading structure like with the headingsMap browser extension, visual errors rendered on screen, a preference to toggle click-to-copy deep links, and methods to grab the tree and show errors in the console. Underneath the browser panel are two men's faces, one younger and one older. The title of this section is 'Better tools for better education and outcomes. The younger man is staring in shock at a QR code that links to the headingsMap browser extension. Above his head is some free-floating text that reads, 'Get mad we wasted years only bikeshedding JavaScript rendering because it made Capitalism go faster.' The older man is scowling and scolding the viewer, and saying, 'Extensions for both Blink and Firefox! There's no excuse!' An asterisk after Firefox points to a small note that reads, '*Ed: WebKit is trash lol'. Above the older man's head is some free-floating text that reads, 'Content is king'. The second page is all black with gigantic white text set in a bold, sans-serif typeface. Each line of text is placed in a banner that uses a warning stripe border, and the banners overlay each other. The text reads, 'There is no document outline algorithm.' In the top-right corner is a small skull shape with text that reads, 'DOA: Dead on arrival'. Below the large text is a strip of tiny text that reads, 'Never was, never will be. Human language does not work that way. Just do it manually, it's fine. Version your spec you cowards. WHATWG/HTML commit 6682BDE.'

You should do yourself a favor and order a copy or ten. 100% of the profits goes to Trans Lifeline.